July 6, 2017

Episode 10: Redshift

My daughters have a very different childhood than I did. My goal often times has been to give them everything I never had. Because of this, they enjoy an abundance of material items that I never did. But that comes at a cost; when am I giving them too much? Sometimes I wonder will they think everyone in the world has similar lives. Will they be oblivious to the struggles of so many and become cold, callous people with no moral compass?

When I reflect on my childhood I used to believe that I received my moral compass from the church. I was raised Catholic and every Sunday for years I could be found in church. Because of this I naturally wondered should I be raising my daughters in the church. But the thing is, as I got older and started to explore myself and my spiritually, I got further away from religion. Part of this was because too often the Christians I encountered were the meanest, curliest and most hypocritical people I had ever met. But there was also the more rational and logical reasoning; I could never bring myself to fully accept that a man was born from Immaculate Conception and rose after dying. Am I wrong for these thoughts? I don’t know, but I feel as I shift further away from religion I get closer to God as I understand it

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