Episode 14: Black Life White Wife

Is it a contradiction to be hugely supportive of “your people,” but not be married to “your people?” Some people believe so; I’m not one of those people. In this episode I discuss my interracial marriage.

• Intro: Balmorhea; “Remembrance”
• Song 1: Scarface; “Smartz”
• Song 2: Corinne Bailey Rae; ” Like a Star”
• Song 3: Klara Louise; “Woman Woman (piano cover)”


  1. Can you say inspired? Black Life White Wife was an intimate portrayal of your experience. The opening commentary was a great foundation to start with. The fact that you found your happily ever after is a gift no matter what package it comes in. As a black woman who has not yet found this I celebrate your union. The fact that you care and have a heart for your culture is still there. But some truly have abandoned their culture and put out complaints about black women due to their own past issues. That I do not respect. There’s many reasons people marry outside of their race. Some never grew up in their own culture to begin with. If you have to bash your own in justification of your interracial love I truly question that love. You haven’t done that. I wrote before. I have a podcast and I plan to take a similar topic on. I would like to reference you. I’ll keep you posted. Blessings.

    1. CJ Normalized says:

      Thank you so much for listening and continued support. I don’t think the pain is something that ever leaves her;it doesn’t define her but its still apart of her. Part two of her story will be late January.

  2. Victor says:

    Season 2, episode 14: Black life, White wife
    CJ, next year on June 2nd, I will have been on this Earth for 50 years. I can’t tell you anything about the 60’s first hand. My true memory of those past years start in 1976, my one and only bicentennial. Anyway, I say all that to say this. This country is still young, very young to be exact. Listening to your podcast does my heart well because you and your wife are the results of a terrible racial struggle from just 40 years ago and even those times were better than 40 years prior to that. People like the gentlemen on your intro recording are like seeing a payphone on street corner (take a picture because you don’t see those anymore!).
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life. Congratulations my friend!

    1. CJ Normalized says:

      Victor – Wow, I mean I’m speechless. Thank you so much for the comment. I share these stories to help others; it does my heart well to know I’m doing the right thing. I will continue on this journey and share with anyone who cares to listen. Thank you Victor.

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