Season 2
Season 2
Episode 16: Remember Vanessa

WARNING WARNING – This episode contains graphic content depicting sexual violence – listener discretion is STRONGLY advised.

Inspired by the, “Me Too,” movement I take a personal examination of my actions and consider how they may have contributed to our society’s rape culture. This is a very personal episode and may not be easy for people (especially victims of sexual assault) to listen through its entirety. With that said, I believe its important to listen to the entire episode before forming an opinion. Thank you.

• Reading: Nathan McCall; “Makes me Want to Holler; Chapter 6 – Trains”
• Song 1: Notorious Big; “I got a Story to Tell”
• Song 2: Tracy Chapman; ” The Rape of the World”
• Song 3 (intro): Scarface; “Smartz”
• Song 4: Akon; ” Sorry Blame it on me”
• Song 5: The Avett Brothers; “Nor Hard Feelings ”

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