January 2, 2020

Episode 13: COME CLEAN

“When you have a problem see it as an opportunity to grow.”

– Anonymous

That is pretty much how my podcast began. I had a problem, a problem of not being productive with my downtime. Actually, it was worse than that. During my downtime, all I was doing was partying and drinking and that’s not good – especially when you’re an alcoholic. So I wasn’t just not productive but I was destroying everything around me including my family, relationships, jobs and myself. So, at the encouragement of my therapist I decided to get a hobby. That hobby was the Normalized Podcast.

I had never podcasted before and had no idea what to talk about. After doing some research I realized a lot of podcast sounded the same; no original thought or content. I wanted mine to be different, more personal and introspective.  With that in mind I realized my problem of drinking could be used as an opportunity to help others with the same or similar problems. I programed out the first season full of personal stories that were meant to grab listeners attention; enable them to relate and hopefully become more empathetic to not only me but anyone who may cross their path in life.

After my first season, I felt I was on top of the world. I had taught myself all the technical components necessary to create a podcast.  It resulted in what I honestly believed was a great, meaningful piece of work that was original and entertaining. I was painfully honest and exhaustingly reflective. I had made myself completely vulnerable to the world.  There was only one problem.  While sharing my journey to enlightenment I was not able to stay sober. The one thing I had hoped the podcast would help me control was the only thing it was not able to do. But even worse, the stress to create new and creative episodes had been leading me to drink even more.  Now I am forced to come clean and figure out how to balance the most important project I’ve ever done without having it destroy everything I am.

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