Season 4
Season 4
Season 4: Ep 33 The Diagnosis

In the Season 4 premier I return to basics and refocus on sharing my journey to becoming normal. A lot in my life has changed since my last podcast, most notably I was diagnosed as Bipolar II. In this episode I discuss how this diagnoses has changed my life.

• Intro: Mase, “Welcome Back”
• Song 1: Kanye West, “Use this Gospel”
• Song 2: J’san, “This Feelings too Good”
• Outro: , J Dilla “U Love”

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  1. Asanvi Mensah says:

    As your childhood friend… A so called “day one”.. Since we were “pups” like 12 years old.. I can vouch that you have a lot of the symptoms/characteristics spoken of in this episode! Seen them first hand many times over our 30 years of knowing each other. Good start to season 4 for sure. Congrats on all the strong possibilities for growth in your pipeline… A books, TV series, speaking engagements and/or whatever else may come to be; very well deserved my brother. RIP to your Grandpa Charlie and may what he taught you before now lead you on your journey. Keep your focus laser sharp and I’m here if you need me.. Love you… Just like you said to end the episode!

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