Season 1
Season 1
Episode 10: Redshift

I’m no longer a church going person, but now having two daughters I wonder if I should be getting my family more engaged in church. In this episode I discuss religion and my spirituality.

Intro Masta Ace; “Beautiful”
Song 1: Kendrick Lamar; “Pride”
Book Reading: Lalla Ward; ”The Magic of Reality,” Chapter 7
Song 2: Citizen Cope; “Let the Drummer Kick”
Song 3: Matisyahu “I will be Light”
Song 4: B.O.B “Stanley Kurbrick”

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  1. Digging your podcast from which I saw via FB. I’ve shared on my page. I started a Podcast back in June also heard on Hardin Radio App in Detroit and now my interest is piqued and elevated on this subject (podcasting). I have a media arts, radio background and my focus has been more interview style. Subject matter across the board. But I appreciate what you are doing. I heard 3 or 4 episodes and I respect your truth. We all have our own as similar yet unique specimens of God’s creation. I can relate to you on a couple levels and I will continue to listen, write and relate. Maybe u can be on my podcast one day! Thks for reading. Peace & Blessings

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