Episode 7: Me And The Cops

In this episode I discuss my run-ins with the police in Germantown and Baltimore Maryland. Was it my race or actions that led to these encounters. Or was it both? Whatever the cause, I still feel the consequences today.

Intro Masta Ace; “Beautiful”
Song 1: Young Jeezy; ” Talk to Em”
Song 2: Buffalo Springfield; ” For What its Worth”
Outro: Gang Starr; “Moment of Truth”


  1. Reggie Da Artist says:

    Wuz up Brutha, man I really enjoy this episode..it was on point and I definitely could relate to a lot of what you was sayn! Kudos bruh..I’m digg’n this format!! I will definitely be checking out the other episodes too!

    1. CJ Normalized says:

      Whats good Reggie? Sorry for late response but thanks for the compliment. Glad you can relate, often times all we want is validation.

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